Plan your route

The City of Whitehorse Commuter Map shows you which roads have bike lanes or wide shoulders and where the off-road multi-use paths can take you. Use the map to plan your route. The map also has information on the rules of the road.


Keep your bike secure

Whitehorse bike lockers are free to use – you just have to supply the lock (normal padlock style). There are also many bike racks around Whitehorse – make sure that your bike frame and quick-release wheels are properly secured. Take all items with you that can be easily removed.


Bike and Bus

City of Whitehorse Transit can make your bike-commute easier. You pay the regular fare, and your bike rides for free. Every bus has a bike rack capable of carrying two bikes. If the rack is full, during non-peak hrs you can also request permission to bring your bike on the bus.


Never taken your bike on the bus? Watch this video from Vancouver – Whitehorse has very similar bike racks.
Check out the bus routes and schedules to plan your trip.


Bike Maintenance

Follow the Quick ABC’s of bike maintenance to make sure your bike is ready to ride.